Custom Development


Since its inception in 1991, Khyber has developed custom handheld computer products especially for use in the barcode and RFID applications. Starting in the new Millennium its focus has turned to enforcement and licensing of its patents. Where needed by its licensees, Khyber still entertains conducting development of custom products to facilitate commercializing its patents.

Product Development History

Wireless AutoID Terminal


A Handheld Wireless AutoID Terminal (HWAIT) for Alien Technology based on the Khyber PDA-Port concept. Its unique design combines the compactness and high price-performance of main-stream Pocket PCs with the form and function the users of portable data entry devices are already familiar with.

The product consists of a sled carrying Alien’s RFID OEM module, a data-entry keyboard, a laser barcode scanner, a battery-pack, charging controls, a flip-out RFID antenna, and a charging cradle that charges the battery pack of the host PDA as well as that of the sled. The PDA-Port docks behind qualified PocketPCs of varied sizes and creates a comprehensive solution for RFID and barcode based portable data entry.

Inventory Terminal WISARD 200 developed 1997


The WISARD 200 terminal has been developed exclusively for Western Inventory Service, Ltd. of Toronto, Canada. It is an AMD ELAN (80386) DOS based terminal (PC/AT compatible) with a large numeric keypad, alpha keypad, 4Mb DRAM, 16Mb of Flash storage, a 4 line by 20 character display, laser scanner, a PC CARD slot (2.1) and standard DB-9 serial port. The main application is inventory counting in the retail sector. Western Inventory built 4000 units over four build cycles. For production units, contact Western Inventory Services.

Pocket Partner


Khyber’s Pocket Partner is an all-in-one mobile computing solution. It is a high performance handheld tailored for the portable data entry market. The high-powered processor provides faster information management. With 802.11b wireless LAN networking, this WindowsCE device incorporates an Intel RISC processor, is simple to program, and is packaged with a Li-Ion Battery with Exceptional Battery Life.


PDA-Port (Concept Only)

PDAPORT57LineDraw.jpg Khyber’s PDA Port family breaks the dividing line between the Portable Data Entry and Personal Organizer industries. The PDA Port provides the necessary peripherals that are needed by the mobile worker to either a Palm or PocketPC device in a portable data entry form factor.

Utilizing the off the shelf Palm m125 line product, Khyber adds hardware drivers for the CCD Scanner, modem and full alphanumeric keypad, as well as your application to the Palm OS software.

The Palm PDA Port incorporates within itself a complete off the shelf Palm m1XX line product. The Palm software is standard, except for the addition of hardware drivers for the CCD Scanner, and keypad.

SCR-210 developed early 1990s


The SCR-210 is a DOS compatible handheld computer with a built-in Smart Card reader/writer. It can be used as a stand alone device for carrying out point-of-sale transactions. Compared with traditional methods of cash or magnetic strip based bank cards, it significantly reduces processing costs while increasing accuracy and security. The unit has a molded rubber panel with flaps to prevent dirt, debris and spillage from entering the terminal. Khyber supplied over 2000 units to our client CDSI for use in Argentina. for production units contact CDSI.

PSI-560 developed early 1990s


The PSI-560 is a compact and rugged speech input system. It is a single-piece unit with no exposed controls or connectors. The PSI-560 contains the Verbex Speech Commander, a computer that recognizes a list of words and phrases spoken in the individual user’s voice. No keyboarding is necessary for data input. The PSI-560 can give prompts that ask the user for specific answers. It can also respond to spoken commands, gather data input from the user’s speech, and send information by spread spectrum radio to a host computer. A quick change NiCad battery pack allows near continuous operation. The PSI-560H accomodates ATA flash cards. For production units, contact VERBEX VOICE SYSTEMS.

Tire Gauge Reader developed late 1990s


The Tire Gauge was developed for Sentech in a coordinated effort with Freightliner and Michelin.

The tire gauge hand held unit reads and records tire pressure measurements from tire valve stem mounted passive pressure transducers. The unit is based on the Mitsubishi M37500 series micro-controller with 4 MB of FLASH, EL-Backlight, and Graphic LCD.

This technology cuts down the time of measuring tire pressure fro a normal 18 wheeler from ½ hour to just a few minutes. There are two models available: one for a single truck and the other for a fleet of several hundred trucks. For production units, please contact Sentech.

The GR-200 developed late 1990s: Livestock Computer “The Cow Counter”


Extending the reach of the user, the GR-200 combines a belt-mounted hand held computer with a 23″ RFID-enabled wand which provides comfortable point-and-shoot scanning of Radio Frequency Identification tags. THis product was developed for Electronic Identification Devices (EID) It provides an inexpensive 80C552 platform, a standard PC serial port for transfer of data, 2 line by 16 character graphic display and a 16-key elastomer keypad. The device is powered by a Ni-Cad battery pack. Software applications have and can be developed in C and run on the GR-200. Typical applications include livestock management, control, counting, and record keeping. For production units contact EID Ltd..

The GR-100 : Grip Computer developed early 1990s


In a single integrated package, the GR-100 provides comfortable point-and-shoot scanning of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as well as barcodes. It provides a familiar X8086 platform with embedded ROM-DOS 6.22 (Similar to MSDOS), 1 to 4Mb of Flash memory, a standard serial port as in a PC, 4 line by 16 character graphic display and a 35-key elastomer keypad. The device is powered by a Ni-Cad battery pack.

Software applications can be developed in C and easily run on the GR-100. Typical applications include warehousing and inventory management, route accounting and item tracking. EID curently supports this product.

The GR-68 : Grip Reader developed early 1990s

The GR-68 was developed to add RFID and Barcode scanner capabilities to handheld computers. The GR-68 reads TROVAN RFID tags (from EID) and all popular barcodes, and sends them via a standard DB-9 serial port to a handheld computer or PC. Typical applications include warehousing and inventory management, route accounting and item tracking. For production units contact EID Ltd.

For further information on the GR-200, GR-100, or the GR-68, contact:

Electronic Identification Devices, Ltd.
2535 Sycamore Canyon Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Phone: (805) 969-1542